In efforts to create a fair voting process, we established the LEA Awards special committee. The committee consists of experts and individuals within the entertainment industry and community leaders.
The goal of the LEA Awards is to create a platform that highlights Liberian entertainers and community activist who are driven to exceptional achievements in entertainment, fashion, and service to others. To recognize these accomplished individuals and groups, we invite entertainers and their management team to submit their nominations with proof of work. *No public nomination.
Nomination run from November 1st - December 15th. Works eligible for contention had to be released between December 16th of the previous year - December 15th of the current year.
Once nominations are received, the LEA Special committee uses a unique formulated rubric as the standard for revision of work eligibility for each category. Candidates’ chosen for the final round of voting are based on the quality of work, accomplishments, nominees’ consent and other unique criteria.
*Remember Liberians are talented, educated, and accomplished, so the LEA strives to find individuals that exemplify all takes to be an extraordinary Liberian.